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What's In A Name - Why We Rebranded

What's In A Name - Why We Rebranded

Let me first start off this post by saying how ridiculously humbled we are by how supportive our customers and community are. As we approached our one year anniversary on Farmington, we were reminded how much we care about this community. I can’t say it enough - This is YOUR store. We have built it together. Every bit of feedback we are given goes into making it better.

Some people are new to us and don’t know about the name changes we have gone through. For those of you who were with us from ‘The Rewild Shop’ and earlier, this is more so for you.

In early September a letter came through my email and as I read my heart sank. It was from a plant shop called ‘Rewild’ in Washington DC, letting us know that they had the service mark for the word ‘Rewild’ to be used in any store name that dealt with plants, pots, soil, etc. and we needed to change our name. Sure enough, they had been granted their mark a few days before. My stress level skyrocketed and panic started to sink in. We had just rebranded earlier in the year. Would we really have to go through that all again. Maybe we were okay? What if we weren’t!?

To be clear, I did research during rebranding but it was all ill timing and apparently not comprehensive enough. In all the research I had done, nothing for another Rewild or Rewild anything plant shop had came up. I had no clue this other plant shop 3000 miles away existed. I did the only thing I could think to do next and that was to get in touch with a trademark attorney and prepare for the worst; Another rebrand.

Twelve agonizing days waiting for my trademark attorney to return from vacation so I could get an answer. Every waking moment I was scrutinizing every possible name we could think of to rename us just in case. Then I talked to our attorney and he verified what I feared. My call was at 8:45am and by 8:55am, I knew our fate. We had to rebrand.

I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.

After the storm had settled we got our bearings straight. We knew our anniversary party was coming up and and figured we might as well rip off the bandage and get the rebrand over with by party time. We hired a super talented Graphic Designer to help us with the rebranding since it not in anyway the most opportune time to do it ourselves.

Even though we are almost done with the changeover, there are still a lot of things to check off our list. That is where you come in!


As we have stated before, rebranding is not fun, especially when we just went through it a few months ago. There are small things that can make a big impact to us as a small business that are easy for you to do once our name has been switched over.

  1. If you have tagged us on Instagram, if you would be kind enough to go back in and edit your post, that would a huge help.

  2. Leave us a Google review if you have shopped with us in the past.

  3. Facebook hasn’t been responsive about changing the name on our Facebook page so we had to make a new one. If you could take a minute to like it or even leave a review (since we lost ours) it would mean the world.

  4. Tell your friends & family. Help spread the word!



Too Long Didn’t Read: We are unfortunately having to change the name of our shop. Bear with us. We are still slinging plants, ceramics, and home goods per usual. You are going to have to go back and read to find out why.

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