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The Las Vegas Summer Market 2020 Recap

The Las Vegas Summer Market 2020 Recap

About twice a year we venture out to market to scour the vendor showrooms for the most stylish, unique, pots, vases, and home goods to fill our shop with. Keeping in line with all things 2020, this year was a bit different. Previously, reaching 10 miles a day from walking around showrooms was normal and so exhausting but the most fun. You make friends that you look forward to seeing and get to see new faces you normally chat with over phone or email. The hustle and bustle energy kept you going.

This year was an absolute ghost town. Shuttle busses were 1/3 full and showrooms were appointment only. With COVID-19 going on, this was a relief even though it felt so different being there. Shopping was slower paced but scheduled and it was nice to be able to see and touch new product to get a feel for the quality. Sunday was the only day we participated in but we still placed orders through mid February 2021.

As market approaches, Instagram polls are put out so feedback from customers can be taken into consideration while shopping. It gives us such a great insight to what everyone wants to see, or see more/less of. Colors and styles, textures, patterns. It all goes into creating a curated experience we love to give every time someone visits regardless if it's your first or fiftieth time.

Some of the products and trends we are looking forward to are:

  • Plant Stands
  • Accent Furniture (Plant Styling!)
  • Pots, Pots, Pots!
  • Home Decor (Pillows, Throws, Artwork)
  • Dried Flora
  • Mudcloth
  • Terrariums and Cloches
  • Navy Blue, Neutrals, Terra Cotta, Blush, and Mustard
  • Bohemian and Southwest Vibes 
  • Handmade / Artisan Pottery

We can't wait to share our new finds with you. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to catch all the new releases as they roll in.



Team Staghorn


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