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(Un)Furl With A Good Book

Our selection of books will help you gain plant knowledge, teach skills, get you in touch with your crafty side, and help create the space you want to live in.

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A Boho Abode

Make your space into the perfect cozy sanctuary with accent furniture, pillows, blankets, baskets, and artwork. Our selection has been carefully curated, found, and collected to make a statement.

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Beaverton, OR

12650 SW Farmington Rd
Beaverton, OR 97005
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Open Daily
10am - 6pm

Blog posts

Plant Parenting 101: Soil Amendments

So, how picky are plants when it comes to soil and what they are planted in? The answer is a matter of life and death...

The Las Vegas Summer Market 2020 Recap

About twice a year we venture out to market to scour the vendor showrooms for the most stylish, unique, pots, vases, ...

What's In A Name - Why We Rebranded

Let me first start off this post by saying how ridiculously humbled we are by how supportive our customers and com...
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