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Morrison Pot

Morrison Pot

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Enhance any plant display with this charming 6-inch round debossed stoneware planter in a matte khaki color that adds a touch of earthiness and sophistication to any indoor or outdoor space. The debossed design adds visual interest and texture, and the matte khaki color provides a versatile and neutral backdrop, specifically designed to hold a 5-inch pot, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This debossed stoneware planter with its matte khaki color complements a variety of interior design styles, including modern, bohemian, and minimalist, use it to showcase succulents, small potted plants, or even artificial arrangements to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. 

Made of stoneware. 6" Round x 5-3/4"H Debossed Stoneware Planter, Matte Khaki Color (Holds 5" Pot)

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