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Potting Services

When you buy a plant and pot combination from Staghorn Mercantile, potting is complimentary up to one size. larger pots 10 + inches or pots that require a greater amount of soil than normal will have an additional per scoop charge.

On occasion, we do recommend certain plants be left in their nursery pots if the pot does not have drainage and it would do better, it might be the wrong season, or the roots would benefit from being as is.



Not comfortable repotting or potting your plants? our staff can help. we will use the appropriate type of soil to help your plant thrive. Please note that if you need a larger plant or multiple plants potted, an appointment may be required. Just ask the staff!

$1-2 per scoop + Labor




Many common and uncommon plants love to climb. it's literally in their nature. staking helps climbing plants create more mature leaves and keeps them happy.
$40/hr + Materials


No drainage? no problem! most ceramic pottery can be drilled by our staff. holes are drilled with an appropriate sized bit for each pot.

$2 Per Hole



Terrariums can be a great addition and also help some plants retain enough humidity to thrive. You will have a choice in rocks and toppings.
Starting at $5 + Materials




Sometimes plants can get too big to transport. In certain cases we may be able arrange off site potting services. 
Starting at $60 per hour + materials


Have a business and need help with your plants or have an idea to green up your space and need our expertise? Let our staff know how we can help you!





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