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Plant Shipping Policy

General Shipping

  • Plants are shipped on Monday and Tuesday based on destination and via USPS Priority 2-3 day. UPS may be used if shorter ship time is guaranteed.
  • We reserve the right to postpone shipping up to two weeks due to heatwaves or other circumstances that may cause delays in shipping or unnecessary damage to the plants.
  • Plants are shipped in soil, in a nursery pot. We may elect to size down nursery pots to aid in shipping. In certain cases, plants may be shipped bare root depending on the destination state and regulations.


Agricultural Restrictions & Disclaimer

  • Although we ship pottery to most states in the US, we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico because of strict regulations in agriculture.
  • Some states including California & Arizona have very restrictive rules as to what plants can be shipped to them, and may confiscate the plant upon entering the state.
  • It is up to the buyer ordering the plant to understand their state's regulations, we will not be responsible for refunding any plants that have been confiscated by border control.



  • Do not leave your box outside in cold or hot weather for an extended period to ensure any environmental-related stress is minimal.
  • Open your box carefully. We try our best to package our plants in a way that will minimize or eliminate shifting during shipping, however, sometimes items can loosen or shift in transit. You also want to unpack slowly to avoid tearing any leaves or breaking stems.
  • Your plants will go through an adjustment period while they acclimate to their new environment. To reduce stress, for the first 48 hours, wait before repotting, keep out of direct light, isolate your plants, and use a humidity box when possible.
  • Occasionally, yellowing leaves, wilting, or dropping leaves may occur from shipping stress. These plants will need a bit of extra care but should bounce back with time.


Photo Representation

  • The majority of photos posted on our website represent the most average looking plant we have in stock. This means the plant you receive may have slightly different variegation, fullness, or length.
  • Less full or less variegated plants are not an acceptable reason for a return/refund.
  • In cases where the plant is less common, we will post photos of the actual plant you will receive. 



  • Refunds are on a case by case basis and any issue should be brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery.
  • There are risks associated with shipping any plant, no matter the distance. We do our best to list plants we feel travel the best, however, plants are living things and some things are out of our control. By purchasing a plant from us, or anywhere online, you assume the risk that loss is a possibility and the plant(s) may not bounce back.
  • We diligently check to make sure plants are healthy and pest free. If there is an issue with your plant, please send photos to along with your order number and a description of the issue. We will evaluate your issue and determine if a refund or reship is in order.
  • Please do not remove the newly arrived plant from the pot and as this can cause extra stress to the plant. If removed you will not be reimbursed. 
  • If the plant for any reason is returned it will need to be returned in the same condition as it was received. If the plant is damaged due to poor packaging you will not be reimbursed.


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